Tottenham Manager Revealed Recipe Beat Real Madrid

Tottenham Manager Revealed Recipe Beat Real Madrid

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino unveiled the recipe for his side’s success in silencing Real Madrid in the Champions League group stage 2017-2018 Matchday Spurs overthrew Real Madrid 3-1 in front of their supporters who packed Wembley Stadium on Wednesday (1/11/2017).

Dele Alli became a star for the hosts through his two goals recorded in the 27th minute and 56 ‘, plus one from Christian Eriksen (65’). Real Madrid only able to reply once through Cristiano Ronaldo (80 ‘).

Recognized Pochettino, one of the strategies used to overthrow the defending champion is to limit the intake of the ball to Karim Benzema and Ronaldo.

“We cut off connections to Ronaldo and Benzema and we forced them out of the penalty box to pick up the ball,” said the Argentine skipper.

“It’s hard to do that, but I’m happy,” Pochettino said.

Statistics show that Benzema only 38 times a touch in the duel, while Ronaldo 47. The figure is the lowest compared to all non-Real Madrid goalkeeper who appeared as a starter.

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