Bosz: There Is Nothing Wrong Of Our System

Bosz: There Is Nothing Wrong Of Our System

Despite losing to Hannover 96, Borussia Dortmund coach Petr Bosz still does not see anything wrong with his game system.

Dortmund lost Dan-Axel Zagadou midway through the first half, with the defeat of Hannover, is the second BVB defeat of their last three Bundesliga matches.

In the last three games, they conceded nine goals, with their back line being one of the things highlighted by the public.

“Hannover appear more aggressively. That’s our problem, “the Dutchman told reporters.

“You can talk about the system, but if we do not play aggressively, then the system will not work.”

“Hannover attacked very quickly, and survived with a one-on-one system throughout the game. We can not show our football. ”

“It has nothing to do with our high defense line.”

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