Messi Hattrick, Argentina Qualify for the 2018 World Cup

Messi Hattrick, Argentina Qualify for the 2018 World Cup

Argentina won 3-1 victory over Ecuador in World Cup 2018 Qualifying, at Atahualpa Stadium, Quito, Wednesday (11/10/2017) Lionel Messi became a star in this fight after buying three goals for his team.

With this result, Argentina ensure qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. They finished third with 28 points behind Brazil and Uruguay.

Argentina who had to reach three points was surprised when the game has been running for one minute. Starting from a quick attack, Ibarra successfully completed bait R Ordóñez

This quick goal makes Argentina increasingly encouraged to confine the opponent’s defense. The result, 12 minutes Messi managed to equalize. Goals stems from pergerekan Di Maria on the left wing, bait completed Messi and able to conquer Maximo Banguera.

Messi again listed his name on the scoreboard on 20 minutes. Utilizing errors defender Ecuador, Messi stab into the penalty box and forward it with a hard shot.

Ecuador try to develop the game. Opportunity obtained by Ramirez, but still can be driven Romero.

Argentina almost up again goalkeeper Ecuador. Luckily, Messi’s bait failed to finish Di Maria. Until the first half ended there was no more goals created.

Second round

Lionel Messi

Ecuador first launched pressure. Opportunity gained Velasco, but the ball can still be saved Romero.

At the beginning of this round, Ecuador continues to try to hit the opponent’s defense. However, the pressing strictly modeled by Argentina makes it difficult to find a gap.

Instead of scoring, Ecuador goalkeeper back dijebol Messi 62 minutes. Escape from escort defender Ecuador, Messi kick off aimed towards Ecuador goalkeeper.

Disadvantaged, Ecuador tries to regain resistance. However, Argentina is indeed superior in the game, did not give chance to his opponent to press.

Meanwhile, 10 minutes ahead of the game ended, Argentina began to slow the tempo of the game. They concentrate more on securing match results.

Composition of Players

Ecuador: Banguera, Ramirez, Arboleda, Aimar, Velasco, Orejuela, Ibarra, Cevallos, Intriago, Ibarra, Ordonez. Coach: Jorge Celico

Argentina: Romero, Otamendi, Mascherano, Mercado, Acuna, Biglia, Perez, Salvio, Di Maria, Messi, Benedetto. Coach: Jorge Sampaoli

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