Thiago Concerned With Pique Situation

Thiago Concerned With Pique Situation

Former Barcelona midfielder Thiago Alcantara admits he is concerned about the situation experienced by Gerard Pique.

The Barcelona defender is currently under the spotlight, after he openly declared his support for independence from the state of Catalonia.

Many people have doubts about the loyalty of the players against the Spanish national team, but Thiago said that he did not see any significant change from his attitude.

“He looks the same as usual,” the Bayern Munich midfielder told reporters. “Every time he is called, he always shows the same attitude, commitment, and pleasure.”

“It disturbed us, because we came to play football. We never talk about other people’s lives. ”

“We do not want to discuss, we just want to play football. That’s the solution. Everyone has their own personal opinions, and we’re here to talk about the national team, not to public debate on politics. “

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