Simon McMenemy Reveals the Keys of Bhayangkara FC Success League Standings 1st

Simon McMenemy Reveals the Keys of Bhayangkara FC Success League Standings 1st

Simon Mc Menemy’s mixed feelings responded to the success of Bhayangkara FC at the top of the league standings 1. The success of his squad beyond Simon’s expectations.

Scottish coach was reluctant to laugh. Given the competition to win the League 1 title certainly not easy.

Besides Bhayangkara FC, some teams such as Bali United, Madura United, PSM Makassar to Persipura Jayapura are still likely to shift the throne. The rest of the match is still pretty much for a change.

To that end, this Scottish coach confirmed not an easy case won the title. Skuat upbringing must continue to fight hard as well as concentration to win victory in the remaining matches.

“I always tell the players to work hard and fight until the last game, now just a few more matches and I think the players have a chance to make history,” said Simon.

Mental players Bhayangkara FC improved

McMenemy feels lucky his team has the capital to win the title. One of them mentally not willing to give up to pursue victory. Seen clearly in the last two matches of the Guardian army when the victory was determined through goals in injury time.

“To get the victory would have to fight until the end. Lucky getting here the better their mental as opposed to Persipura and Semen Padang we have proven, “he added.

The former coach of the Philippine national team is also not want status as the top standings while the burden. Moreover, management does not target the BFC to win the title in the League 1 competition this season.

“The target of the club is actually the top five, and my personal target is the big three let people know how good Bhayangkara plays. But with conditions like this if the target is changed to the champion it will be a burden for players. So we still fit the initial target of the top five because Bhayangkara is not a big team, “he concluded.

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