Juventus 3-0 Chievo (Serie A)

Juventus 3-0 Chievo (Serie A)

Juventus skip the third trials of the 3 rd Serie A giornata this season with brilliant. Chievo successfully conquered dengna score 3-0.

Juve’s three-goal victory was scored by Perparim Hetemaj (own goal) in the 17th minute, Gonzalo Higuain in the 58th and Paulo Dybala in the 83rd minute.

This victory makes Juve points at the top of the standings to 9. While this defeat hold Chievo on point 3.

The next game of Juve on the 4th giornata is a visit to Sassuolo headquarters. Kick off will start on Sunday, 17 September 2017, at 17:30 WIB.

While Chievo will host Atalanta on the same day, at 23:00 pm.

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